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Representing the Maryland Emergency Services Officers with Progression While Maintaining Tradition Scholarship Opportunity

Representing the Maryland Emergency Services Officers with Progression While Maintaining Tradition Scholarship Opportunity

Would you like to attend the Eastern Division IAFC 2023 Annual Conference?

The Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (EDIAFC) will be holding their 2023 Annual Conference April 21 st & 22nd at the Ocean City Fontainebleau Resort in Ocean City, Maryland.

The Maryland Fire Chiefs Association (MFCA) Training Committee, with funds from the SAFER Grant, is sponsoring 50 scholarship opportunities for Maryland Fire Service Personnel to attend the conference and have their hotel expenses reimbursed. The scholarship will reimburse scholarship recipients a maximum $390 for the three nights of hotel expenses (GSA rate of $130/night). The conference registration is free to Maryland fire service members. The SAFER Grant does not cover meals. Each attendee will be responsible for a charge of $50 for lunch meals.

The leadership training available at the EDIAFC Annual Conference will help members address the unique needs of volunteer leadership in their department. The networking opportunities give them the chance to share ideas and solutions with colleagues from other states within the Eastern Division’s Region. The conference allows participants to interact face‐to‐face with leaders of rural and suburban combination departments. This year’s conference will focus on both Safety & Health and Leadership & Accountability.

Scholarship recipients will be required to submit their hotel receipts at the conclusion of the conference for reimbursement up to the eligible amount. In addition, as part of the reimbursement process, attendees will be required to provide the MFCA Training Committee with a one‐page synopsis of what they learned at the conference and how they will share such information with their department and/or jurisdiction.

Individuals applying for the scholarship must be a current volunteer member in good standing of a Maryland volunteer fire, rescue and/or EMS company. The MFCA Training Committee would like to encourage everyone to apply for this scholarship opportunity. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to attend the EDIAFC 2023 Annual Conference, please complete the attached Scholarship Application and email it to All completed and signed scholarship applications must be received by the MFCA Training Committee by no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, March 10, 2023.

Please refer any questions involving this scholarship opportunity to Theresa Collins at

PDF & Forms: MFCA SAFER – EDIAFC Annual Conference 2023 Scholarship Application