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Maryland State


Robert H. Shimer, P.P. Administrator Of The Year Award

Submission Deadline: May 1

Award Purpose:

Recognition of an outstanding fire, rescue, or EMS administrative person.

Award Sponsor:

Shimer Family

Award Administration:

Award Description:

The Robert H. Shimer Administrator of the Year award was established by the Shimer family and accepted by the MSFA Executive Committee on February 22, 2004. The award was established to honor Robert H. Shimer, for the years of dedicated service he gave the volunteer fire, rescue, and EMS service as a President and a Trustee of the MSFA, President of the Allegany-Garrett Counties Fire and Rescue Association, President of the Allegany County Fire-Rescue Board, and President of the Potomac Fire Company. Mr. Shimer was also an active member of the State Fire Prevention Commission, Maryland Fire-Rescue Education Training Commission, the Governor’s Emergency Management Advisory Council, and the Emergency Numbers Service Board. This award has been established in honor of Mr. Shimer for his many years of dedicated service to the community of Westernport, Allegany County and the State of Maryland.

Award Rules

Submission Deadline: May 1

Award Rules

1. The nominee must be a volunteer from a member company that is in good standing with the MSFA.

2. Name of individual for nomination for the Robert H. Shimer Administrator of the Year Award may be submitted by:

a. The nominee’s home fire, rescue, or EMS department / company on official letterhead, orb. Any individual in good standing with a fire, rescue, or EMS department / company, or

c. A member company in good standing with the MSFA, on official letterhead, or

d. An individual member of this committee or a Past President of the MSFA.

3. The nominee must have not less than ten (10) years of service with his/her department or company.

4. The nomination must be submitted for an individual’s effort only and, therefore, submission of the nomination is to recognize the one individual and not a group, department or company.

5. The nomination must be submitted in the form of a resume / bio. Including information on his/her department or company activities, administrative positions held within the company or department, county, regional or state association. Information should also be included on job achievement, establishment or programs, fund raising, community activities, and the reason the nominee should be elected.

6. Time Period – Although it is realized that to be fully effective, an award should be timely, it is not necessary that the service or performance be rendered within the year of the award, however an accumulation of the previous five years of accomplishments may be added.

7. The nomination must be mailed and received by the Shimer Award Committee No Later than May 1st at the following address:

Robert W. Jacobs, Chairperson
Shimer Award Committee
410 East Ninth Street
Frederick, MD 2170 or by email at

8. The award will be presented at the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference [icon name=”external-link”]. Upon selection of the winner of the award, the Shimer family shall be notified no later than May 20th of said selection. This will allow preparation of the award that will be given.