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Maryland State


Colburn Trophy Award

Submission Deadline: Submission Deadline: May 1

Award Purpose:

Outstanding act of heroism.

Award Sponsor:

Award Administration:

Award Description:

At the 40th Annual Convention in Frostburg in June, 1932, the Colburn Silver Cup was presented to the Association by retiring President George W. Colburn, Jr. The award is to be awarded in line of succession from year to year to a firefighter in our organization for some outstanding act of heroism or from some act for the good of the Association. Qualifications and awards to be made by the Board of Trustees who shall act as judges. This cup is to be presented at the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference with appropriated ceremonies.

At the 66th Annual Convention in Ocean City in June 1958, due to the lack of space for more recipients names, the original Colburn Silver Cup was retired and presented to the Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Company to be placed in their fire station in honor of Dr. Colburn. Since the retirement of the original cup, the Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Company has agreed to supply a replacement for the Colburn Cup each year with this difference; That it will be retained by the recipient for keeps.” Your department surely must have a member who would be eligible to have his/her name submitted to the Board of Trustees to be considered for this high award.

The recipient will receive the Colburn Medal and Ribbon Bar, which was approved by the Executive Committee in 2002. The ribbon is solid red and the gold medal, with red, white and blue enamel paint is inscribed as the “Medal of Heroism,” with the MSFA Seal in the center.

Award Rules

Nomination submitted for consideration must follow the following requirements:

  1. Must be on fire, rescue, or ambulance department stationary giving detailed summary of his/her outstanding actions or reason to be considered.
  2. Must be received by the MSFA Board of Trustees prior to May 1st of each year.
  3. Must be mailed to or delivered to:
    Thomas A. Mattingly, Jr.,
    23085 Hollywood Road, Leonardtown,
    MD 20650
    or E-Mail: