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Edwin L. Emkey, Sr. Cadet Award

Submission Deadline: April 15

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Award Purpose:

Recognition of the outstanding company Cadet Program.

Award Sponsor:

MSFA Past President Roger N. Powell

Award Administration:


Award Description:

The Edwin L. Emkey, Sr. Cadet Award was established by President Roger N. Powell and underwritten by American Claims Service and accepted by the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) Executive Committee at the November 2011 meeting. The award was established to recognize Edwin L. Emkey, Sr. for his outstanding service in promoting Cadet Programs. The outstanding Cadet Program must be sponsored by a fire, rescue, and or EMS department, company or squad. The program should be based on the teaching of safety and basic skills required for firefighting or Emergency Medical Service.

The nomination may be submitted by a committee within the department, company and/or squad, as long as it is verified by the president and/ or chief. The award will be presented each year at the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference. The winning department, company or squad will be awarded a master trophy, which will be held for one year and relinquished at the following Convention and Conference, at which time, the past-year recipient will receive a plaque for permanent possession. The trophy will have the award date and name of the company engraved thereon and will, for one year from date of presentation until the next Annual MSFA Convention and Conference, remain in the responsible custody of the honored fire, rescue, and/or EMS department, company or squad. The winning department, company or squad will also receive a Five Hundred Dollar ($500) prize, which will be utilized to assist with providing funding for the cadet program.

Award Rules

Nomination submitted for consideration must follow the following requirements:

1. The department/company must be a member in good standing of the MSFA.

2. To be eligible for the nomination, cadet program must:

a. Have a minimum of seven cadets between the ages of 9 and 15.

b. Program must have been established no less than 5 years before nomination.

c. Must hold monthly or bi-monthly meetings, drills, training events, and community service programs and be involved in other department or company activities.

3. The nomination must be submitted in a resume form letter on department/company letterhead, indicating when the Cadet Program was established, the number of members, and activities over the previous year, including all community activities, training, and fundraising.

4. Any book entered, including scrapbooks, photo albums, or loose-leaf binders, cannot exceed 12 x 15.5 inches. The thickness of the book is not limited. The book entered will only be used as backup information to the resume.

5. Slide presentations, DVDs, slide/tape presentations, and videotape presentations will not be accepted.

6. Photographs and newspaper clippings must be dated and the sources indicated.

7. Entries must be in the hands of the Selection Committee by April 15th.

8. All materials submitted should reflect activities of the previous calendar year (January through December).

9. Judges shall be the elected officers of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association and the decision of the judges shall be final.

10. Any evidence of material from previous years will automatically disqualify the entry.

Send or deliver all entries to the Secretary of the MSFA:

Secretary Doyle E. Cox, P.P.
Maryland State Firemen’s Association
29132 Superior Circle
Easton, MD 21601 or by email at