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Maryland State


Josiah A. Hunt, M.D., (EMS Person Of The Year) Award

Submission Deadline: April 30

Award Purpose:

Recognition of the outstanding EMS individual of the year.

Award Sponsor:


Award Administration:

Award Description:

The Josiah A. Hunt, M.D., (EMS Person Of The Year) Award was established in 1991 and accepted by the Executive Committee. Doctor Hunt was a local physician in Harford County who was very instrumental in the establishment of ambulance service in that area. He often would leave his practice to ride on the local ambulances providing quality emergency medical service to the communities of Harford County. The original award was donated by the Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company of Harford County to honor Dr. Josiah A. Hunt.

The award was established to recognize outstanding individual accomplishments by an EMT/A, or above. The award is considered to be the highest award conferred upon an individual within the Maryland emergency medical services community.

Award Rules

1. The nominee must be from a member company of the MSFA.

2. The nominee must be submitted by an active member company of the MSFA.

3. The nominee must be submitted on an individual basis only and the nomination must be on official letterhead or company stationary and signed by at least two (2) officers of the company.

4. Only one nominee may be submitted from any one-member company.

5. Nominations and letters of resume must be submitted to the Chair of the MSFA Emergency Medical Services Committee, No Later Than April 30th.

6. The nominee must be a Maryland-certified EMT/A or above.

7. The nominee must have a minimum of five (5) years of service to the Maryland Emergency Medical Service Community.

8. The recipient of the award will receive the EMS Person of the Year Medal and Ribbon Bar, which was approved by the Executive Committee in 2002. The ribbon is blue and white and the gold medal is inscribed as “Josiah Hunt EMS Person of the Year,” with the MSFA Seal in the center.

9. Submit nominations to:

Richard Udell
Chairman EMS Committee
7601 Travertine Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209