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Maryland State


Gladhill – Thompson Trophy

Submission Deadline: April 15

Award Purpose:

Outstanding contribution to the Maryland State Firemen’s Association.

Award Sponsor:

Mr. Bernard D. “Buck” Gladhill and the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department

Award Administration:

Award Description:

This award was originally established by Mr. Bernard D. “Buck” Gladhill and accepted by the MSFA Executive Committee in 1974. Mr. Gladhill saw the need to honor an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the future welfare of the MSFA and would be known as the Gladhill Trophy. The award will be considered the highest Maryland State Firemen’s Association award that can be conferred on an individual. It will be awarded on a highly selective basis to an individual who, in the opinion of the judges, has made an outstanding contribution to the future welfare of members of the MSFA or who has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service of major significance to the MSFA or the Fire Service of the United States. In 1984 the award was changed to the Gladhill-Thompson Trophy in recognition of both Mr. Gladhill and Chief Thompson.

Award Rules

1. Eligibility

a. The following are eligible:

1. Members of the “Official Family” (i.e., members of the Executive Committee, the Standing Committees, Special Committees, ect etc.) or;

2. Bona fide members of member fire companies or;

3. Members of part-paid or paid fire departments, within the state, or;

4. Former members of an organized Fire Department within the state.

b. The following are not eligible:

1. The judges

2. Any candidate that received compensation for the performance of the act or acts considered for the award

2. Criteria

a. The Candidate accomplished assigned (or assumed) duties in such a manner as have been clearly exceptional among all who have performed like or similar duties in a superior manner and/or;

b. The candidate developed and improved methods and procedures, or produced an innovation or invention which accomplished extraordinary results for the MSFA or the U.S. Fire Service; or

c. The candidate may have exhibited great courage and voluntary risk of personal safety or personal possessions in the face of danger, over and beyond the call of duty, in performing an act or acts which resulted in direct benefit to the MSFA and/or its members (which this award is given for a “heroic” act it shall be given to the candidate of no other award (cash or otherwise) has been granted previously in connection with the same act); or

d. The candidate may have rendered outstanding service related to his/her activities for the Maryland State Firemen’s Association comparable with the above and relating to the following:

1. Activities which improved the image of the Association or which gained favorable benefits of meritorious recognition for the Association or it members, or;

2. Contributed to/or developed a valuable program for the benefit of the future of the Association and its members.

3. Time Period

Although it is realized that to be fully effective an award should be timely, it is not necessary that the service or performance be rendered within the year of the award.

4. Preparation of Award Certification

Factual information will be prepared as separate correspondence in the form of a proposal for each candidate. It shall list the candidates’ accomplishments in accordance with the above criteria (Section 2).

5. Submission of Nominations

a. The name or names of prospective recipients shall be submitted to:

Doyle E. Cox, Secretary
29132 Superior Circle
Easton, Maryland 21601 or by email at

before April 15st of each year.

b. If no candidates are submitted to the judges, the judges shall select a qualified candidate.

6. The Judges

a. The judges shall be the elected officers of the MSFA.

b. A simple majority of the judges present and voting shall be necessary for a decision.

The Award will be presented to the recipient annually at the Annual MSFA Convention and to be inscribed with his/her name. He/she will be presented with a miniature for his/her possession at the following Annual MSFA Convention and Conference.

After the trophy has been filled with the names of the recipients, the award will be retired to the Volunteer Firefighter’s Room, Adult Education Center, University of Maryland, College Park.