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Maryland State


Hall of Fame Award

Submission Deadline: April 15

Award Purpose:

Recognition of distinguished service to the MSFA or an individual department or county fire or rescue service.

Award Sponsor:


Award Administration:

Award Description:

The Hall of Fame Award was established by the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) Executive Committee in 1979 as a result of a recommendation from Past President Eugene J. C. Raney to recognize the distinguished service of individuals.  The first emphasis to be service to the MSFA and then service to the individuals department and local jurisdiction.  Through the year 1985 the Hall of Fame Committee was authorized to select up to twenty (20) inductees into the Hall of Fame, and hence the selection shall be limited to ten (10) inductees, either living or deceased.   The award shall be made at the Annual MSFA Convention.  Distinguished service to the MSFA is the primary consideration, with service to the member’s company and county to be considered also.

Award Rules

1. During the year 1981 thrugh 1985, there were twenty (20) individuals selected each year, either living or deceased.

2. Begining in the year 1986, induction into the Hall of Fame will be limited to ten (10) individuals who are members of a volunteer fire, rescue or EMS department/company, either living or deceased, and up to three (3) individuals who are not members of a volunteer fire, rescue or EMS department / company, either living or deceased.

3. Names of individuals for nomination to the Hall of fame may be submitted by:

a. The nominee’s home fire, rescue or EMS department / company, or

b. Any individual in good standing with a fire, rescue or EMS department / company, or

c. A member department/company in good standing with the MSFA, or

d. An individual member (s) of the Hall of Fame Committee

4. Nominees must have a minimum of ten (10) years of service to be eligible for consideration.

5. Nomination to the Hall of Fame should be based upon distinguished service to the MSFA. Distinguished service to the nominees individual department/company or county may be considered.

6. All nominations must be received, in writing, by the Chairperson of the Hall of Fame committee, by April 15th of each year to be considered. Until selected, a letter of nomination for an individual must be submitted each year, nomination letters will not be carried over from year to year. All nomination letters must be signed.

7. Selection of nominees to the MSFA Hall of Fame will be made annual by the members of the Hall of Fame Committee. Each selected nominee must receive fifty (50) percent of the votes from the committee members present.

8. All individuals selected to the MSFA Hall of Fame will receive two (2) certificates, (one for the individual and one for their station,) a pocket card, a lapel pin, shoulder patch, decal and a hat. Each inductee will also receive the Hall of Fame Medal and Ribbon Bar, which was approved by the Executive Committee in 2002. The ribbon is red/white/blue and the gold medal is inscribed as “Hall of Fame” and the year, with the MSFA seal in the center. Induction and presentations will take place at the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference.

9. The names of individuals selected to the Hall of Fame shall be published in the Annual Proceedings Book of the MSFA along with the year the selection was made.

10. A permanent plaque may be installed in the Volunteer Firefighter’s Room, Adult Education Center, University of Maryland, College Park, and the MFRI Regional Training Center. These plaques will list the individuals that have been inducted, along with the year the selection was made. The plaques at the Regional Training Centers will list only inductees from the geographical area.

11. Submission of nominations shall be mailed to:

Charles Albrecht
986 W. Irvin Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21742