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John E. “Sunny” Rose, Jr., Memorial Award

Submission Deadline: April 30

Award Purpose:

Recognition of an individual who dedicates the most hours to fire, EMS, and rescue training during the year.

Award Sponsor:

Award Administration:

Award Description:

John E. “Sunny” Rose Jr. joined the Odenton Volunteer Fire Company in 1963 and was an active member of the company until his death in 201S. Sunny served in many positions with the company including as a line officer, board member, and numerous committees. Sunny’s true passion throughout his fire service career was for Fire, EMS, and Rescue training. He started as a Field Instructor for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) in 1977, and over his thirty-eight years as an MFRI Field Instructor, Sunny taught countless training classes across the State of Maryland and coached and mentored many aspiring instructors. It was not unusual to find Sunny teaching a class in one region of the state during the day, picking up a support vehicle from MFRI in the afternoon, and then teaching another class in a different region that evening. It is in recognition of his untiring demeanor and dedication to training, that the Odenton Volunteer Fire Company is proud to sponsor the John E. “Sunny” Rose Memorial Award to be awarded each year at the MSFA Annual Convention to an individual who has dedicated the most hours to fire, EMS, and rescue training in the previous year. This award was approved by the MSFA Executive Committee on September 20, 2015.

Award Rules

1. The nominee must be a member in good standing with a member company of the MSFA.

2. The nomination must be submitted as an individual on official letterhead or stationary of the member company and signed by a senior company officer.

3. Letters of nomination and transcript records must be submitted to the Chairperson of the MSFA Training Committee no later than April 30 of the award year.

Tim Delahanty

4. Nominations must include a summary of training courses completed by the individual during the calendar year preceding the nomination and supported with copies of transcripts or certificates of training from the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, the National Fire Academy, colleges/universities, or other recognized training institutions as may be designated by the MSFA Training Committee. Any training classes not supported with a document of record will not be considered for this award.

5. This award recognizes an individual’s dedication to Fire, EMS, and Rescue training during the previous year. Training programs that will be considered for this award include:

a. All courses and seminars sponsored by MFRI or MIEMSS.

b. Courses sponsored by the National Fire Academy, the Emergency Management Institute, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (Includes online training programs).

c. Formalized courses that are sponsored by local training academies which are members of the Maryland Council of Fire and Rescue Academies.

d. College or University classes that are directly related to Fire, EMS, or Rescue delivery.

e. Other courses or training programs as may be determined eligible upon review by the MSFA Training Committee.

6. In determining the number of course hours for each training program, the MSFA Training Committee will consider the following:

a. Course hours as designated in a course catalog or brochure.

b. For one-day seminars, six-course hours will be used; for two-day seminars, twelve-course hours will be used.

c. For college/university classes, thirty hours will be awarded for a three-semester hour class.

d. All courses to be considered must be documented on a transcript record, pocket card, or course completion certificate.

e. All courses and documentation will be reviewed by the MSFA Training Committee for verification and acceptance. The determination of course eligibility and hours considered by the MSFA Training Committee shall be final.

7. A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the individual recognized with this award to be displayed in the member’s home station for the following year. The awardee will also be presented with a personal trophy and uniform medal at the awards presentation which shall become the property of the awardee.