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Next Generation Leadership Award

Submission Deadline: April 15

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Award Purpose:

To Recognize and Encourage our next Generation of Leaders

Award Sponsor:


Award Administration:

Award Description:

At the 131st Annual Convention and Conference in Ocean City, the Next Generation of Leaders Award was presented to the MSFA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee referred the proposed award to the MSFA Awards Committee for further development.

Award Rules

Nominations submitted for consideration must follow the following requirements:

  1. The nominee must be from a member company, department or squad of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association.
  2. The nominee must be 30 years of age or younger
  3. Any active member of a company, department, squad, or a officer of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association may submit the name of a nominee for the award.
  4. Nomination should include the nominee’s name, age, positions held, programs either initiated or administrated.  Nominations are for activities during the previous calendar year.
  5. Nominations must be submitted to the Chairman of the Reaching the Next Generation Committee no later than April 15th of each year.  Late entries will not be considered.  All nominations must be submitted to John Denver, Chairman Next Generation Leadership Award, 458 Bow Street, Elkton, MD 21921 or E-Mail:
  6. Each individual nominated for the Next Generation Leadership Award will receive a certificate from the Maryland State Firemen’s Association.  The winner will receive a large plaque and Ribbon Bar, which was approved by the Executive Committee at their August 2023 meeting.  The ribbon is a blue/white/blue.
  7. The awarding of the plaque will be made by the President of the MSFA at the Annual Convention and Conference.