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Silver Spring Trophy

Submission Deadline: April 30

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Award Purpose:

Recognition of fire prevention efforts by an individual.

Award Sponsor:

Award Administration:

Award Description:

The Silver Spring Trophy was established in 1981 by the Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Department and accepted by the MSFA Executive Committee. This award is presented each year at the Annual MSFA Convention to an individual who does the most in fire prevention for his/her community. The award is for an individual effort and, therefore, submission of the entry must be for one individual rather than a group or department effort. The intent of the award is to recognize fire prevention activities which the individual performs within his/her community. The trophy is held by the individual for one year and then passed on in subsequent years. The winner will receive an individual plaque for permanent possession.

Award Rules

  1. The recipient must be a volunteer firefighter.
  2. The individual must be nominated by the fire department/company.
  3. The fire prevention work shall have been done by the firefighter acting in the capacity of a volunteer.
  4. The nomination must be in the form of a resume indicating complete detailed information on the work done by the nominee. Photographs and newspaper clippings must be dated and the sources noted.
  5. The nomination and related information must be in the hands of the State Fire Marshal’s Office No Later Than April 30th.
  6. Nominees are subject to investigation by the judges.
  7. Dates of the fire prevention activities should cover the previous calendar year (January – December).
  8. Judges shall be appointed by the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal, in accordance with the MSFA Fire Prevention Committee’s procedures.
  9. The decision of the judges shall be final.
  10. Nominations must include the nominee’s name, title, fire department name, and other pertinent information.
  11. Nominations shall be submitted to:

MSFA Annual Fire Prevention Contest
The Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal
1201 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208