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Zembower Fire Service Training Award

Submission Deadline: April 15

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Award Purpose:

Recognition of a department’s participation in formal training.

Award Sponsor:

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Zembower, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Cromwell Zembower

Award Administration:

Award Description:

The Zembower Fire Service Training Award was established in 1976 by Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Zembower in memory of his late parents, Mr. & Mrs. Cromwell Zembower of LaVale, and accepted by the MSFA Executive Committee. Cromwell Zembower was a Past President of the MSFA and a member of the Training Committee for many years. The Zembower Fire Service Training Award is based on the average number of formal training hours per active member for fire and rescue training completed in the fiscal year before the award. The original award was based solely on the formal training offered by MFRI, however, in 1995 the award will be based on formal training offered by other recognized agencies.

The award consists of a trophy which is presented to the winning department at the Annual MSFA Convention. The department is permitted to display the trophy until the next convention. The trophy is then to be returned for presentation to the next recipient. The department surrendering the trophy is then presented with a plaque for permanent display.

First- and second-runner-up awards are also presented. The first runner-up award is sponsored by the Daniel J. and Bobbi Stevens in honor of former Bay District VFD Treasurer Bob Stevens. The second runner-up award is sponsored by the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company in honor of former Chief Herman Dill.

Award Rules

1. This award is to the department which has the highest average number of formal training hours per active member. Formal training will include:

All coursed and seminars sponsored by MFRI
Formalized courses sponsored by local training academies which are members of the Maryland Council of Fire and Rescue Academies
Courses and seminars sponsored by MIEMSS
Courses sponsored by the National Fire Academy, and
Refresher training classes
In order for the training to be considered, it must be validated by a pocket card or certificate and verifiable by the organization providing the training. The training year will be from July 1 through June 30 of the year prior to presentation of the award.

2. The number of active members in your department as reported on the Statistical Report provided to the MSFA Statistical Committee for the most recent fiscal year will be used to compute the average number of training hours per active member. The Statistical Report submitted by each member company should reflect the actual number of members responding to calls and taking training. Accurate and up to date training records can prove to be an asset in legal decisions and ISO rating. If you did not submit a report to the Statistical Committee, this information cannot be verified and your application will not be considered.

3. To be considered for this award, complete the form and submit it to the following address no later than April 15 to:

MSFA Training Committee
c/o Maryland Fire/Rescue Institute
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742