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Maryland State


Historical & Archives / Vol. Firefighters’ Room Committee

The Historical and Archives Committee is responsible for collection, inventory, and safe storage of historical records and documents related to the Maryland State Firemen’s Association and the volunteer combined emergency services of Maryland.

The Historical, Archives, and Volunteer Firefighters’ Room Committee shall compile historical data relative to fire, emergency medical services, and rescue activities in Maryland.

The Committee shall represent the MSFA in all matters relating to the Volunteer Firefighter’s Room and shall coordinate appropriate MSFA activities including, but not limited to, furnishing and decorating with those activities of the University College, Adult Education Center, University of Maryland.

The Committee shall endeavor to locate and acquire items for exhibit in a permanent museum and perform such other duties as may be required by the MSFA.

Historical & Archives / Vol. Firefighters' Room Committee

Committee Members

Frank Underwood PP


Clarence “Chip” Jewell

Vice Chairman

Jane Hoffman


Barbara “Bobbie” Aaron

Gene Aaron

Jon Black

Mike Clark

R. Wayne Powell