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Maryland State


Financial Branch

Under the leadership of MSFA Past President Paul Sterling, the MSFA created a Financial Team that was comprised of the MSFA Financial Officers, the Chairman of the Budget Committee and the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
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The group was charged with the management of the MSFA financial affairs and the long-term viability of the corporate assets. Several existing MSFA committee responsibilities were rolled into the duties of the Finance Team, thus reducing the overall number of committees within the organization. For example, the Audit Committee and Finical Review Committee’s responsibilities were addressed this way.

The Finance Team meets as needed to address issues relative to the financial wellness of the MSFA and provides written reports to the Executive Committee every quarter as a part of the regular executive committee meetings. The team interacts almost daily addressing issues and elements that need financial attention. Face-to-face meetings are often held just before the executive committee meetings and upon special request by one of the team members to address critical time-sensitive issues.

The Finance Team plays an intriguing part in the development of the annual MSFA Budget, the organizational Strategic Planning Process, and many other managerial activities carried out by the MSFA leadership. The team also interacts with the MSFA Trustees, addressing the financial assistance they provide to the Maryland Fire Service.

Financial Team


Ronald “Ron” J. Siarnicki


United Communities Volunteer Fire Department

Robert “Bobby” W. Jacobs, P.P.

Asst. Treasurer

Citizens Truck Company

Wylie L. Donaldson, Jr.

Asst. Treasurer

Odenton Volunteer Fire Company

W. Mitchell “Mitch” Vocke

Financial Secretary

Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company

Barbara “Bobbie” Aaron

Asst. Financial Sec

Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company

Stephan “Steve” D. Cox, P.P.

Budget/Revenue Chairman

Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company

Kate Loveless

Executive Director

United Communities Volunteer Fire Department