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Cancer Support Committee

In 2011, Past President David Lewis initiated the MSFA Cancer Support Network Committee.


To help volunteer fire, rescue, and emergency services personnel and their families, who are dealing with cancer, by providing them with positive efforts through support as well as to share with them the resources needed to be a survivor.

Committee History

In 2011, Past President David Lewis initiated the MSFA Cancer Support Network Committee.  He was very impressed with the mission of the Firefighter Cancer Network and decided this was something that could benefit our members.

The members of the committee are dedicated to helping our brothers, sisters, and members of their immediate families who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  We aim to make getting to appointments and treatments a little easier with a gift card that can be used to purchase fuel or other supplies.  In addition, we have compiled a list of community-based resources from all areas of the state that can offer additional support.  Our work does not end there: we are also working with the medical community in Maryland to increase awareness of the carcinogens firefighters are exposed to as well as the increased risk of certain cancers.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Committee if you know of someone who would benefit from the MSFA Cancer Support Network Committee’s services or would like to join us.  ALL interactions of the committee are kept in the strictest confidence.

Additional Resources

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Cancer Support Network Resource Kits

Resource Guide

The MSFA Cancer Support Network Committee would like to assist any Maryland volunteer fire, rescue, or emergency medical services personnel who are facing a battle with cancer.  We would like to provide a gift card that can be utilized to help offset fuel costs or purchase needed supplies.  You can submit a request through this form: or by scanning this QR code:

If you would like to sponsor a gift card, please visit this page in the near future!

The Committee has compiled a list of community-based resources across the state that can offer additional assistance to members and their families.  You can access the listing here ( or scan the QR code:

We are always on the lookout for additional resources, so if you know of a program that would be helpful, please drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list.

Cancer Support


Susan Hilton


Teresa Ann Crisman

Vice Chairman

Jean Main

Vice Chairman

Randi Beavers

Ronald “Ron” A. Block

Jonathan Dayton

Robert Goninan

Lisa M. Hall

Timothy Hall

William Hildebrand

W. Kevin Kerr

Barb McCrea

Mary Seavey

Marianne Warehime

Troy Dannenfelser

FF Cancer Support Network Liaison

Gregory Young


Cynthia Wright-Johnson


Rosa Maher


Malea Daughton


Robert Small