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Maryland State


Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee shall, by June 1st of each year, determine to provide or deny scholarships to new applicants or continuing students.
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The Committee shall, in proper cases, award available funds in the way of scholarships to eligible applicants or students participating in a course related to fire or health services including, but not limited to, fire sciences or emergency medical services.

The Committee may use funds provided through resources of the MSFA or from other sources. The Committee is authorized to solicit funds for scholarships from any source it deems proper. The Committee shall, from time to time, update rules and regulations relating to its duties, eligibility of applicants or recipients, acceptable sources of funds to be solicited, or regulations dealing with the liability of any given recipient to repay any part or all of any scholarship as necessary.



Lynn Hawkins


Barb McCrea

Vice Chairman

Frank J. Corasaniti

Vice Chairman

Jennifer Gheen

Susan Mott

Robert W. Ryan

Douglas “Doug” R. Simpkins, Jr.

Matthew D. Stevens

Gary Williams

Peggy Zembower

LAMSFA Liaison

Dr. James E. Milke

Special Liaison

Dwight Polk

Special Liaison