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Maryland State


Rural Water Supply Committee

The Rural Water Supply Committee consists of personnel from around the state that are interested and experienced in improving the availability and delivery of water for firefighting in areas that are not provided with adequate water delivery systems (hydrants).
FIre Hydrant

Members of this committee represent communities that are faced with various water supply challenges each day and are ready to share their experiences and expertise with other communities to improve their ability to provide firefighting water in a timely fashion, and adequate quantities.

The Committee is ready to assist with permit applications for dry hydrants, conducting and evaluating rural water shuttle exercises or relay drills, and evaluating appliances used for rapid water delivery in a rural setting. The Committee participates and assists with drills each year on rural water shuttles or relays.

Rural Water Supply

Committee Members

Steven Barry


Stanley S. “Buddy” Sutton

Vice Chairman

Douglas C. Alexander

Elaina H. Barry

Lawrence “Larry” D. Callison

William Hildebrand

Tim Legore

Gary P. McGinnis

Paul Quigley

Harve “Ed” Woods, Sr.