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Maryland State


Training Committee

“Training” Means Getting the Job Done “Safely”
Two FIrefirghters Training

The Training Committee shall promote programs responsive to the needs of the fire service located within the state of Maryland and shall continue the development of a ten (10) year training program which reflects the future needs of the Maryland Fire Service; in addition, the Training Committee shall be the official voice of the MSFA in fire service training matters with the University of Maryland and other vocational or educational organizations of this State. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The Committee shall advise and collaborate with the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) in the conduct of courses of instruction for the Maryland Fire Service; and shall encourage and assist in developing regional schools and local and other specialized courses in the State.
  • The Committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee enabling legislation, which will maintain and advance the necessary fire service training plans or programs. The Committee shall submit periodic reports to the Executive Committee and a written report of its activities to the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference.

The ten year education and training plan is meant to be a used as a reference for developing, promoting and providing safe, effective and realistic training for all facets of the fire, rescue and emergency medical services, along with promoting fire and emergency professional development and life-long learning which reflects innovation and change.


Committee Members

Mark A. Bilger, P.P.

MIEMSS Liaison

Gary Krichbaum


Jeana Panarella

Vice Chairman

Gerald “JJ” Lynott, Jr.

Vice Chairman

Brendan Bonita

George A. Wentz

Shane Darwick

Timothy F. Dayton

Leon Fleming

Robert “Bob” C. McHenry, Jr.

Robert McHenry, III

Roger Marks

Diane May

MICRB Member

Jim Pizzini

Kingsley Poole

Amber Reamy

Barbara “Bobbi” Stevens

Richard Sullivan

Nicholas Thompson

Brian Montgomery

SAFETY Liaison

Chris Robertson


Hugh Owens

MFCA Liaison

John Dulina


Richard Udell


Alex Perricone

MFRI Liaison

Robert “Bob” P. Cumberland, Jr., P.P.

MFRETC Liaison

Mike Robinson

MFSPQB Liaison