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Maryland State


Strategic Planning Steering

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee shall develop short and long range goals and plans of the Association.
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Standing members are the MSFA President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Executive Committee Chairman & Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Budget Chairman, Secretary, Executive Director and the immediate Past President.

The immediate Past Executive Committee Chairman will be the Committee Chair and current Executive Chairman as Co-Chairman. The President will ask the Secretary to assign an Assistant Secretary to the Committee.

Strategic Planning Steering

Committee Branch

Stephan “Steve” D. Cox, P.P.


Clarence “Chip” Jewell

Vice Chair

Eric Smothers, P.P.


Skip Carey, Jr.

Roger Steger PP

Charles J. Simpson, Jr.

2nd Vice President

Mark A. Bilger, P.P.

2nd VP Appointee

Doyle E. Cox, P.P.


Michelle Malin

Asst. Secretary

Ronald “Ron” J. Siarnicki


Benjamin “Ben” W. Kurtz

Immediate Past President

Kate Loveless

Executive Director