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Bereavement Uniform Program

The Bereavement Uniform Program, administered by the Lighthouse Uniform Company (LUC), exists to ensure every emergency service provider is afforded the honor and every emergency service provider’s family has the opportunity to bury their loved one in a dress uniform, at no cost to the family.

Departments and firefighters are asked to check the “closet” for uniforms “retired,” or no longer fitting, and to send them into the LUC.

The LUC cleans, refurbishes, reconfigures to rank, and makes them available to any family requesting one for burial purposes, overnight if necessary, at “no cost” to the family. The only charge is for freight which will be billed to the affiliated department.


  1. Raising awareness of the program. Share among your fellow emergency services personnel, use word-of-mouth, and social media to help spread knowledge of the program.
  2. Keep surplus dress uniforms coming.
  3. If you have admin access to your Company’s Facebook page, please like the BUP Facebook page “from” your page (in addition to liking the page from your personal account). This helps with program exposure.

For more information on the Lighthouse Uniform Company Bereavement Uniform Program, please reference the Manual.

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