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Maryland State


Recruitment & Retention Toolbox

The MSFA Recruitment & Retention Committee offers an online toolbox of resources, suggestions, and ideas on how you and your organization can improve its efforts in recruitment and retention. Explore the following collection of materials to serve your needs.

MSFA’s Recruitment Website.

On this page, you will find websites, portals, educational series and many downloadable pdfs to help your department be successful in their recruitment and retention efforts. 



Retain by sustaining. It is very important to take the steps to sustain your membership. Show pride in your members and their accomplishments. Planning should involve all of your officers. This will show the members of your company your leadership and the accomplishments they are to have in making this plan a success.

Additional Resources


Do you have suggestions or ideas that help you and your organization recruit new members that you are willing to share with others? We gladly welcome your ideas!