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Maryland State


Required Documents For VCAF Application

Below are the required documents to complete a VCAF loan and/or grant application.

  • A complete and accurate VCAF Application Form (Sample PDF)
    • All companies opening a new VCAF application must first meet with their Regional VCAF Representative to review the project. If the project meets VCAF criteria, the company will then be instructed to compile all information and documentation required to complete a VCAF application. After compiling the information and documentation, the VCAF Representative will review the data to ensure compliance and will open the official online VCAF application. All compiled information and documentation will be submitted along with the application for processing.
  • Ensure the Company’s articles of incorporation are in good standing and that the listed Resident Agent is still valid
    • Use the Business Entity Search to check your articles of incorporation status. If the Company is not in good standing, immediately contact your Regional VCAF Representative. There is no need to purchase the certificate – the Maryland Department of Emergency Management will obtain the certificate. If the Resident Agent is not valid, the Company must appoint a new Resident Agent and then complete an MDAT Resolution to Change Resident Agent form (PDF).
  • A Corporate Resolution (Sample PDF), signed by all board of director members, authorizing the loan and/or grant
  • The Company’s financial statements (or other official documents such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Functional Expenses, or Statement of Cash Flows) for the two fiscal years immediately before the fiscal year in which the application is made – include audited financial statements, where applicable (See: Sample PDF)
  • The Company’s IRS Form 990 (or official form used for Federal tax submission) for the two fiscal years immediately before the fiscal year in which the application is made (See: Sample PDF)
  • A letter from the Company’s local government regarding whether or not 508 funds are available for the project (See: Sample PDF)
  • A letter from the company’s local government regarding whether or not local government funds are available for the project (in addition to 508 funds) (See: Sample PDF)
  • A copy of the Specification (condensed version) (See: Sample PDF)
  • A minimum of three competitive bids (copies of official proposals from vendors – can be a cover letter with cost data) (See: Sample PDF)
    • If your company is unable to obtain three competitive bids, a written explanation must be provided as to why the bids were unattainable
    • If your company plans to accept a bid other than the lowest bid, the application narrative must include a written justification as to why the company has selected a higher-priced proposal (including the vendor’s record of past performance, the vendor’s quality record, positive aspects of vendor integrity, the financial and technical resources of the vendor, and whether a responsive bid was provided)*

*The justification is a tool for the MSFA to make a financial determination and reserves the right to base a loan and/or grant award on a lower proposal.

Next Step

Once you have gathered the required documentation, ask your Regional VCAF Representative to approve your application package.

Need further Assistance?

If you need help with details, contact your Regional VCAF Representative and arrange a pre-application meeting to review the application components, and to create an action plan for application completion.

VCAF Information


All companies applying for a loan and/or grant must have a representative attend the MSFA VCAF Committee meeting and MSFA Executive Committee meeting. Companies that fail to attend either meeting will be disqualified and the company will have to reapply during the next open application period.