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Maryland State


Family Appreciation Program Award

Submission Deadline: April 30

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Award Purpose:

To recognize the family of a volunteer fire or EMS member, who sacrifices their time with the member, for the good of the community.

Award Sponsor:

MSFA Recruitment & Retention Committee

Award Administration:

MSFA Recruitment & Retention Committee

Award Description:

Award Rules

Nomination submitted for consideration must follow the following requirements:

1. Open to the family of volunteer members for the fire / EMS service.

2. Members MUST be an active volunteer and their company or department is in good standing of the MSFA.

3. Family nomination must be endorsed by the President or Chief of the member’s department or company.

4. The MSFA Recruitment & Retention Committee will base their selection on the following criteria:

a. Exhibit consistent positive effort towards training, response to incidents, fundraising, etc.

b.Exhibit overall effort to support team concepts.

c. Active member for a minimum of five years.

d. Nominations must be submitted by no later than April 30th, to:

Jonathan Dayton
MSFA Recruitment and Retention Committee
14609 Michaels Road, NE
Cumberland, MD 21502 or by email at

e. Awards will be presented at the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference.

f. Members of the MSFA Recruitment & Retention Committee, Members of the MSFA Executive Committee, and the Presidents of the MSFA are not eligible for the award.