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Maryland State


Marbery F. Gates Service Cup Award

Submission Deadline: April 15

Award Purpose:

Recognition of fifty (50) years of continuous and faithful service.

Award Sponsor:

Award Administration:

Award Description:

This award was established by the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department and accepted by the MSFA Executive Committee in 1981 to honor over fifty (50) years of active service performed by charter member, Mr. Marbery F. Gates of Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland. The initial and first award was presented to Mr. Marbery F. Gates on June 15, 1981, at the 86th Annual MSFA Convention . Mr. Gates served on the MSFA Board of Trustees from 1969 through 1989.

Award Rules

1. The Marbery F. Gates Service Cup is to be awarded to an individual selected by the MSFA as deserving of this honor; such individual is to have at least, but not less than 50 years of continuous and faithful service to organizations within the Association. Individuals nominated must be living prior to the cutoff date of April 15th of the year to be presented.

2. The Master Cup will have the award date, name, and fire company of the recipient carved thereon and will for one year from date of presentation until the next Annual MSFA Convention [icon name=”external-link”], remain in the responsible custody of the honored individual’s fire company. The Personal Cup also suitably endorsed, will be presented to the individual to covet and keep forever.

3. The individual selected by the Committee will receive the Marbery F. Gates Medal and Ribbon Bar, which was approved by the Executive Committee in 2002. The ribbon is gold with four stripes of purple and the gold medal is inscribed as Marbery F. Gates Award.

4. Each individual nominated will receive a MSFA Plaque and Governors Citation the first year nominated and any sequential years a MSFA certificate recognizing them for their Continuous and Faithful Service.

5. The Committee will receive nominations until April 15th. The President of the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department will serve on the selection committee and will be notified no later than May 20th of the individual selected, to allow preparation of the individual trophy and the recording of the individual’s name on the Master Cup.

6. Nominations in the form of a resume shall be submitted no later than April 15th of each year to:

Charles Abrecht
Chairman Hall of Fame Committee
986 W Irvin Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21742